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Current Contracts Include:

FAW Facilities Client Representative and Project Management Service.
   • National Centres future development client representative and project management
   • Stadia Options Appraisals

Welsh Government National Football / Sports Museum for Wales feasibility study 

Rhyl Waterpark and Leisure Attraction - client representative support services. The client representative acts solely on behalf of the Client to support the co-ordination and commissioning of ‘others’,    review options and inform future actions and decisions:
   • Responding on an as needs basis to whatever is required
   • Serving as the Client’s ‘eyes and ears’ whilst determining when the Client needs to be involved
   • Acting as a ‘buffer’ for the Client, taking responsibility for detailed deliberations, and development work leading to any consequential decision making – passing on a ‘refined’ but essential communication      flow for decisions or to update the Client. 

Newport City Council - brief for the preparation of a City Sport Vision and Master Plan set in context with the emerging Welsh Government vision for elite and performance sports facilities in Wales

Library relocation options review -to establish the potential benefits, advantages and disadvantages for a change of location together with the development of the future library offer alongside other wide    ranging community and ‘commercial’ services. The process is a ‘platform’ for securing betterment i.e.:
   • cross service collaboration
   • enhancing community services
   • improving access, and reaching a much wider audience
   • meeting increasing local needs
   • achieving greater efficiency targets, without impacting on the quality of customer service

FAW Trust – Retainer and Interim Management Agreement for various services
   • Local football and pitch reviews – informing visions and plans for future delivery - current local plans for Cardiff Wrexham and Flintshire and all Wales 'State of PLay'       Review
   • Workforce support 

Alternative Service Delivery Model Reviews - business case reviews, client support and oprtions appraisals  
Rhyl Town Council relocation
  - design brief for the new facility and business plan

Housing DLO Options Appraisal - Support service proposal for inviting expressions of interest in a future housing maintenance partnership arrangement; exploring the viability of future collaborative    working, either by way of some form of joint venture or the establishment of a NEWCO; reviewing the potential of such an arrangement with ‘like-minded’ social housing organisations that are responsible for    delivering similar services in the region; undertaking a ‘market readiness’ appraisal through an ‘invitation exercise’ designed to engage with ‘like-minded’ social housing providers
Leisure Strategy - Review with Elected Member workshop informing re-write of Fit for Future Strategy for Caerphilly CBC

Current ContractsCurrent Contracts
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